FISH! Experience

Want to learn to create a workplace where enthusiasm and productivity flourish?

THE HCMS brings you one of the most popular training programs ever, as an exciting and interactive experience – A FISH! Experience. You will be introduced to the four practices of The FISH! Philosophy: Be There, Play, Make Their Day, and Choose Your Attitude. Book an event for your company and rekindle the passion.

fish experience

This exciting experience features useable ideas, storytelling, exercises, networking and humor to bring passion and purpose to your work and life. Even if you have already used the The FISH! Philosophy in your workplace, you’ll uncover the tools to spark positive action and gain renewed inspiration. Plus you’ll be able to network and exchange stories with people from businesses and organizations across the country who share your passion for aliveness at work. Join us for this extraordinary event!

Here’s some of what you’ll take home with you

from a FISH! Experience:

Practical tools to bring The FISH! Philosophy to life

Proven strategies to increase morale, retention and revenue

Rekindled passion for what you do, and what your organization can become.

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